2016 GREEN SCENE is in the Bag!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped and came out to support the Garden during the 2016 GREEN SCENE Sustainability Festival!

The money raised at the event was divided equally between the Terlingua Community Garden, and Terlingua Recycles! for their community improvement projects. In addition to the proceeds from the GREEN SCENE, the Community Garden has received a grant to improve the garden infrastructure.

We've upgraded our solar system to power a new pressurized water pump, which feeds 10 spigots spaced throughout the garden. These spigots create an easy-to-use watering system, which is fed from our 18,000 gallon water catchment system. 

We've added new lights at the Market Building, which will allow for evening activities at the Garden. Several new electrical outlets at the Market Building will allow gardeners and vendors to charge their electronic devices.  We've completed a new community compost recycling system that is easy to use for all community members!

Stop by the garden to check out all these improvements, and see what else is growing!